The ever-growing popularity of Wikipedia is undeniable. When surfing on the internet, the platform that appears, almost at every query, on the top is Wikipedia. Supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia is one of the first open-source platforms that is based on an openly editable content policy. It gives a chance to talented writers to share their information and engage readers with their impressive writing styles.

Over the years, Wikipedia has grown to be the most prominent platform over the internet. Ranked at the top it is the best avenue to increase your online presence. Wikipedia entertains over 1.7 billion unique visitors every month. Not only this, its content is present in over 300 different languages. Around 55 million articles have been published with rich information. In addition, Wikipedia accounts for more than a million active contributors belonging to multiple states and regions.

Wikipedia, with its massive outreach, is used as a great search engine optimization tool. Creating avenues to score the limelight, it can be a perfect platform to push start your career. If you want to be a known artist and looking for ways to build your online presence you can dig out greater benefits by creating a Wikipedia page. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you through the page creation process. Read on.

Guide About How to Make a Wikipedia Page for an Artist

Wikipedia for artists and celebrities can be a tool to enhance online growth. It lets you pave a way to achieve your goals by spreading awareness about your work and telling people how talented and enthusiastic you are. If you are anxious about how to create Wikipedia artist page, all you have to do is take a look at the Wikipedia policies. There is nothing shady or tricky here if you keep your eyes on every policy and stick to every instruction.

Step #1- Create A Wikipedia Artist Profile

To create a Wikipedia profile first you have to select a username. On the platform, you will find a tab at the top right corner, click it to get the account creation form. Fill in your basic information and click proceed. When your account is created you can head to make a user page. It will let you collaborate, edit and share information on the platform. You can even turn on your notifications as well to stay updated about your artist wikis.

Step #2- Thoroughly Read the Wikipedia Guidelines for an Artist

Wikipedia has a descriptive set of policies and instructions that covers every aspect of an article or biography. So, to create an artist Wikipedia page the first thing to follow is to check the Principle of Notability.

What’s Notable on Wikipedia?

An artist who is known and credible on the internet can have a Wikipedia existence. His work must be authentic and he should have some online presence. He needs to have a certain audience. The Wikipedia page tends to attract readers only because it contains valuable information that is useful and interesting for the readers. Therefore, as per the guidelines for an artist wiki page, you need to be notable.

Avoid Vandalism

Vandalism is an act, highly disregarded by Wikipedia, to post obscurities on other Wikipedia pages. Before you create an artist page you need to get involved in other activities on the platform like editing and reading the published pages. It gives you an insight about how to make a good page. However, while doing so, do not try to defame other artists and actors. The Wikipedia authorities block such accounts that intentionally attempt to ruin the credibility of other pages by posting misleading content. Around 381 accounts were blocked, back in 2015 for indulging in ‘black hat editing’.

Thoroughly Researched & Well Formatted Content

Policies regarding content include clarity and readability. Your content must have a professional and informative tone with the most legit and valuable research. You must not include biased point of views. Your tone must be neutral and un-argumentative. One thing that is least tolerated on Wikipedia is promotional content. Try not to promote yourself or your products. Your agenda to write an artist page must be to provide the basic information about the person instead of marketing his achievements.

Step #3- Select A Unique Title

Uniqueness is what you need to focus on for an artist Wikipedia page. There is a directory available on the platform which you can use to know if the title you are about to cover already exists or not. The Requested Article search box as shown below is used to type in your title to know the availability status.

You must not have a conflict of interest with your subject. You should not opt to defame a person as that will fall under the act of vandalism.

Step #4- Carry Out Comprehensive Research

The main clause for an artist wiki article is to refer the most authentic and reliable platforms to gather information. Your content should have relevant information with thought-out sentences. It should be valuable for the readers. Sometimes, newbie Wikipedia writers, when trying to fill a content, opt for adding false content. Such a content is detected by the official editors who straight away reject them. Therefore, your hunt for information must be trustable.

Step #5- Write Your Content

When you set off to compose your Wikipedia page make sure that every corner reflects highest level of professionalism. Your writing style should be mature and indulging. Your content must grasp the attention of the readers. Incorporate information properly and structure your content to keep the attention of your readers indulged till the end.

Be descriptive but avoid wordiness. Verbosity ruins the credibility of an article let alone affecting its overall rankings as well. Either hire Wikipedia artist profile writers or stay focused on creating precise sentences. Your content should be a well-planned journey to guide and engage the readers.

Step #6- Optimize Your Content

It’s no surprise that you desire to get a Wikipedia artist page that is able to rank highest in the search engine. However, when you want something so big you have to plan things out meticulously. As you know the evaluating criteria of Wikipedia is much simpler like Google crawlers, you can index some smart SEO practices here as well. You can index most searched keywords in your content to increase the accessibility and online reach of your content.

Moreover, Wikipedia allows no-follow links that enhance the weightage of the page in the search engine. What you can do is create a boomerang effect to dig out better avenues of success for your page.

You can add external links of all those sites and blogs having information about your achievements and work. Make sure not to indulge in black hat SEO practices as Wikipedia has now integrated Artificial Intelligence bots that detect any malicious activity and block accounts permanently. These bots detect vandalism and delete foul languages.

They organize and add catalogue entries. To keep the encyclopedia well maintained, the AI bots perform round the clock quality assurance checks. They keep the layout clean and uniform. So, if your Wikipedia page is not formatted properly and created having unprofessional aspects, it may get detected and ultimately banned from getting published.

Step #7- Format Your Wiki Page

There is a certain format that is followed at Wikipedia. A simple article has a lead section which has further elements. First, a short description of the article is written followed by had notes. After that tags (CSD, PROD, AFD, PP notices) are added. And above all of it is the title of the page. You have to mention an introductory paragraph about your subject with precise information. After which a table of content is added. You have to break your information into multiple sections. Make your content readable to keep your audience involved. Furthermore, you can also add images in your content to support your information.

Step #8- External Links and Citation

One of the most important sections in a Wikipedia page is citation followed by external links. You need to learn the art of referencing in styles mentioned in Wikipedia policies. Every page has a section of external links where links to other blogs where the subject is being discussed are mentioned. In the citation section, you have to add the sources from where you have extracted your information. Mostly Harvard style of referencing is used.

Step #9- Proofread and Edit Your Wiki Page for an Artist

Before submitting your content, scrutinize the page to omit the errors. Make the amendments and improvise it to ensure a flawless quality. You have to thoroughly research your content to fix the erros. In case if the official editors find your content fiddled with flaws, they will either send it back to improvise or reject it.

Step #10- Wiki Page Submission & Approval

A Wikipedia page takes almost 6 months to get approved. To submit your artist’s wiki page, you have to upload your content on the platform. There is a tab “create a page” where you will click to get the option to upload your file. Once you submit it, the official editors will review it thoroughly. You will be notified if your page is uploaded or rejected.

How to create an artist biography on Wikipedia?

To create the biography of an artist you have to follow the basic rules as mentioned above; however, the formats and sections you see down below must be incorporated in it.

A biography should be composed in a neutral tone and be backed with authentic sources. You need to be as comprehensive as you can with your information. Everything should be defined clearly and sourced from a trusted platform.

How to manage and monitor my wiki page for an artist?

Once the Wikipedia page of an artist is approved you have to maintain the quality of your content. As you know that Wikipedia is an open-source platform where anybody can request an edit. So, in case you get edit requests you have to review the changes made. You can either discard the changes or update your content. In this way, your Wikipedia page stays fresh and updated. The information on these pages stays valuable for the readers.

As per the records, Wikipedia account for almost 32.5 million active editors and around 600 articles are edited daily. So, you can get the idea as to how much significant it is to maintain and monitor your page.

What is the Cost to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist?

The cost range to create a Wikipedia page varies between $250 to $3,000. However, if you want to create a page for an artist from an experienced company the pricing would be between $2000 to $3500. The amount of information and the requirements of your page will contribute to increasing the rate.

Rates of an experienced Wikipedia writer

The charges to hire an experienced Wikipedia writer would be between $400 to $800.

Cost to edit a Wikipedia page

The estimated cost to edit a Wikipedia page with minor changes is around $200. However, if you want to go for major editing you have to be ready to spend at least $700.

How do I create an artist profile on Wikipedia?

The process to create an artist profile is simple. Go and click at the top right button indicating “Create Account”. A signup form will appear to enter the credentials. Choose an appropriate username and proceed with the creation process.

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